Coffee Appreciate Workshop: Adventures of Singles only Event

Last week I had an opportunity to go for a singles mixer event. The event was organised specifically for singles working in the government/statutory board/reformed hospital setting, which really limited who I could ask along for it, so I went with a colleague (who was in a stable relationship, but still single in the eyes of the law).

Anyway, I was only interested in this event because it was a coffee appreciation course, where they were suppose to give us a brief history of coffee, what is considered a good coffee and different ways of brewing your own cuppa. And the only reason why the above mentioned colleague agreed to join me was because she has a love for coffee.

To our disappointment, there were designated sitting and we were seperated by one table, so we had to communicate with our eyes and hands.

Each table had 2 males and 2 females. At my table I had a fellow colleague from the same hospital, one guy from Defence Science and Technology Agency (hence forth known as IT guy) and a guy working for Ministry of Defense (hence forth known as Mindef guy). So the aim of the program is to make some friends of the opposite gender, so we tried to strike up a conservation.

I would say it wasn’t very successful, because we all just ended up talking about our jobs, and explaining what we do then actual interaction.

General observation:

Mindef guy was like the anxious type of guy. A little flustered, doesn’t really know how to act around women. He kept trying to get us to talk, but doesn’t volunteer much information about himself.

IT guy was a quite nice? Helps everyone pour water, tries to steer the conservation.

Half way through the event, the guys were asked to swap seats, so we had 2 new gentlemen at our table. Surprise surprise, we all work at the same hospital this time. Which was when we started speculating that this event was actually opening to our hospital staff, because we realise all the ladies attending this event were working in the same hospital, and thanks to the lack of male staff in our hospital, they opening up the event to the the ministry of defence since they had a higher percentage of men in their staff.

I think partly because we were all warmed up to the event already or maybe because we all come from the same workplace, although we still ended up talking about our jobs, it felt more relaxed.  One guy worked as in optometry and the other was a paediatrician. Optometry guy was pretty chatty, and apparently he came with another male colleague. and like me he was separated as well. His colleague was from the pharmacy, and those were the only 3 guys from our hospital, in a group of 20 (10 men and 10 women).  The doctor was pretty reserved, but friendly.

Overall nothing much happened. I was glad it was a workshop, so most of the time we were occupied learning about coffee (you have no idea how much coffee is need to run a hospital), then concentrating on make meaningful connections with each other. Although at the end of the session there was a “mandatory” exchanging of information, where I left everyone my email address as opposed to my handphone number and until now there had been no emails (no surprises here).

All in all it was an enjoyable experience, but not one that I would like to repeat, unless it is another workshop I have interest in (tea appreciation perhaps?).

At the end of the session my colleague said, “You know it is really difficult to check my mobile during the session because of my background (it was a photo of her bf and her)”.




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