Daily Observation of the slighty creepy variety…

At my job, I move around a lot and meet a lot of children. And I noticed a general trend of boys having thicker and longer eyelashes. It led me into observing other men i see on trains and buses in my daily commune, where I realise men generally have thicker, longer eyelashes compared to women!!


Which makes me wonder, how in the wild it is the male animals/birds/fishes that have the flashy colouring to attract the females, is that the case of the eyelashes?


Hmm.. Restless

Just being restless and come over to this blog. Hahahaha… Nothing much here. ._. 

this heat


Posting this to commemorate the ridiculous temperature that my dad’s car recorded today.

Come to Singapore they say. Enjoy the summer sun they say. Bwah. Sucks.

Scientists find turtles fossilised while mating

Scientists find turtles fossilised while mating

my colleagues and I were very amuse by the article. The headline was pretty funny, and the description on how the turtles died was just….hilarious.

Giraffe on the loose!

taken at the Mothercare at the hospital…


Understanding the new blog system

……..oh, right. Am I able to post now?
Oh, I can? ….great.

This is my first wordpress account and oh god…!!
It’s definitely a lonnnggg while since I’ve tinkered with any blog-related sites other than the usual click and click and link to the million sites of neverending fandoms…… *ehem*

Which means to say, I just spent about half an hour trying to get an account and wondering how to ‘invite’ myself into this shared blog. And then another 10 mins wondering where to click for a new post….

Well then, a morning shout out to you guys as well! 😀
Here’s hoping that I am able to contribute ….stuff, to this place.

Yeah for First Post!

Greetings! This post is written on a train enroute to work on a Monday morning. I can’t believe it! It is monday already…my lazy saturday was gone too soon T_T.

Anyway, Just a shout out to you guys to hold out for the next 4 days.

Till the next weekend!!


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