Mad For Garlic: A food review


Greetings! i have return with one of our typical posting…Food review time.

This time the Fishies had ventured to the Mad For Garlic, a place that specialises in pizza, pasta with a heavy hand in garlic.

As we only had 4 people we were most conservative in our order to prevent ourselves from over-ordering.

We started with a cesar salad. The veggies were crunchy, the sauce was slighty lighter than the typical sauce I was used to, but it was good paired off with freshy grated cheese. Crutons were not oily, looks like it was toasted with oil and not deep fried. Bacon came in chunks which was good as well.

Next up was Dracula Killer (photo on the lower right corner). It was a miss for us, although it was recommended on other sides. According to the menu it was garlic cooked in olive oil and anchovies served with soft baugette. Regrettably, we did not like this. We felt that stewed garlic was soft but did not go well with the bread. In fact everyone prefered the bread more and we ended up just dipping it in the garlic infused oliver oil. We also had a question: Where are the anchovies?
The anchovies were not served together in with the garlic, olive oil mix which I felt was disappointment as well as cheating my money.

We order 1 pizza initially, however as it was a thin crust pizza we came to realise we needed another one for us to be properly filled. The 2 were Four Cheese and  Sausage & Ham . Pizza wise, I would say it was pretty decent.

Initial reaction of Four Cheese was of shock for us, because it had the strong smell of blue cheese. However I thought the creamy garlic sauce made the pizza even heavier, considering it was already a four cheese pizza. But as it was shared among 4 adults, it was still pretty acceptable.

Sausage and Ham were well liked by the rest, but not me probably because it had a sweet, teriyaki/bbq type sauce as it base. As previously mention, I am never fan of sweet in my savoury food. But I do like the black pepper bits of the pizza, although I got choked by it a couple of times.

So overall it was a satisfying meal. But it wouldn’t be a place I will go out of my way to eat.

Having said that we got a $10 return voucher for paying with a DBS credit card, so we would be going back to sample some stuff.



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