The New Flickr. Love or Hate?

Just a random rambling of me and the new flickr layout after hearing friends complaining about it.

Basically, I love the new layout. But a lot of friends dissing it. And I don’t understand why. I have been figuring why they dislike it and I realised something. Maybe I am a visual person. Pictures, photos works for me for layout of the site. I hate words splashing all over the page and have no idea what to click on. That’s the old flickr. Old flickr, to me was a nuisance. It was just tat boring and well benefits is, more stable. and more like a page to page textbook showcasing your works on a photo community website.  On the other hand, the new flickr is like a portfolio showcase, it’s intriguing, it shows how photographers, hobbist photos are in just one look! One bad point is, this layout is a rather buggy somehow. But I am happy to see visuals, ignoring words unless I feel the need to click in and see what is the person trying to convey through the photo. An artwork to me does not require any words for explanation. It just being expressive in itself to draw attention to the viewer to feel free at what story you are trying to tell from the picture.

Most people get used to words too much. A reliant to it. Without them, they feel empty. Lost. They do not feel connected when there is a loss of words to aid them to understand thus frustrated. I don’t know. But I think that is the way some people are. But for me, I will skip a lot of words. So words to me are practically just some alphabets that make up into words and form a speech to tell me more about what people want me to know from the visual. Unless I am interested in knowing more, I will read. Else, nope.  Words are important in our lives but not do not get overly dependent on it especially on works that just requires a picture to tell a story.

But writing my thoughts out require words and not visuals. Of course I can create a comic or storyboard out of it, but it is much more of  hassle to bring across it, writing is much more easier for this case. Oh well conflicting point, but who cares. In conclusion, haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love it. I am loving it and I feel much more ease in organising than previously. Flickr, well done and keep it up! And yay for so much free space. 🙂



Vanilla バニラ


Lunch set + dessert at vanilla gastro bar & cafe at Recency House.

It is a day that I finally brace myself to go try out the food at this little shop that is all plain white and decorate like a cosy house with fine wines.

I have their lunch set that was priced at $10.90 that comes with a drink. (choice of soft drink, tea or coffee). Despite being a small shop, the lunch set selection is pretty decent and I have a hard time choosing and decided that I will have smoked salmon with tomato and basil pasta.

First to come is my cup of tea that was serve in a sweet tea cup. It was out of my expectations to see it served in a nice flowery teacup as I have expected that the tea comes in a plain white tea cup to match the atmosphere of the store. A normal cup of twinnings tea bagged earl grey in such pretty cup brighten up my day for the food.

The pasta came and it was served in a claypot. I was pretty amused with the use of claypot as to me, claypots are just for Chinese food. The presentation of the food added marks to the taste of it. To my surprise, the pasta is spicy. For the 1st mouth, I can’t really say I will like the dish, but after a few mouthful of it, the taste grew in me. The spice level is comforting and it did not steal the limelight of the smoked salmon and tomato taste. What was lacking was that the basil taste was sadly covered by the chilli padi spice. Besides just plain salmon, real chopped bacon bits are added in. Overall, it is a nice fusion combination. And added points is that the food is served piping hot!

With such nice tea cup, I couldn’t resist but to order a dessert too. I ordered a vanilla dirt cake ($8.90) that comes in a flower pot with gummy worms. It is rather cute. The taste was pretty light. It is vanilla creme with chocolate cookie crumbs. The crumbs acts as soil for the presentation of the dessert. And hence it has a name as dirt cake. The downside of the dessert was some parts of the cake is still in semi frozen state. It is a dessert that you have to take time to eat it off slowly seeping up a cup of tea or coffee.

Overall, the place is decent for chill out.

PS: They have a wide selection of wines too

Nana’s Green Tea


Gotten in love with this Japanese franchise outlet for their matcha. Always wanted to try hot ones but end up ordering cold versions instead.

Food is good as for now. I like the maguro don I have ordered. Decent pieces of maguro slices that match every mouthful of rice in nice proportions. The black sesame soy sauce is a blast of taste to ricebowl. (p.s. the don is good even without the sauce)

Ordered shiratama float matcha, a matcha latte topped with a scoop of matcha ice-cream and shiratama, rice balls. Not bad. Just the ice cream was a bit tad sweet for me. Loved the rice balls but somehow the taste was more like our tang yuan.

Well, very fulfilling food for comforting myself moodiness.

Hmm.. Restless

Just being restless and come over to this blog. Hahahaha… Nothing much here. ._. 

Quiet Lunch: Dean & Deluca


Decided to break off from my colleagues for lunch as I need my own quiet moments of peace and tranquility.

Usually when I dine alone, I will prefer to treat myself with more expensive food to satisfy my stomach.  So I went to Dean & Deluca located at the dying yet surviving Orchard Central 4th floor. I ordered a take away since the place looks crowded. But there are empty tables and seats so I decided to ask if I can dine in instead.


Salmon & Spinach Quiche. 8.20 & a cuppa of hot Green Tea Latte. 6.00

I am not a big fan of quiche but this made me a fan. The ingredients are nicely placed where every mouthful of the quiche is filled with smoked salmon and spinach. The crust is nice to my taste. It is not too hard or watery.
Green tea latte is on the milkier side. Purists green tea fans might not like the taste of it. It does reminds me of green tea kitkat after taste. I do love it, however I would ask for less sugar if possible next time. It is not overly sweet like Starbucks, but I ain’t a sweet-tooth person.

Well this sums up my first post here and omg. I am suppose to blog other stuffs here before this. My bad.

Hehe. 😉


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