I signed up for bellabox to give it a try.

Bellabox basically sends you a a box of “samples” for you to try for a month. They have various brands like Anna Sui, benefit, Candydoll and even Kiehl’s! January’s box isn’t very exciting though I did find a gem or two! 🙂 And the box that came is pretty too. hahaha


Two things that saved my beauty for Japan’s Winter

As the other three fishes know I had a long trip (actually only three weeks) trip to Japan during their winter. And the cold, dry air did not help with the tropical girl me. The first two days my nose couldn’t stop sneezing and running. In fact I finished about one tissue box within those two days. The consequence of that action was – my nose peeled like crap. It was sore, flakey and I was crying. I mean I was in Japan! Who doesn’t want to look pretty in Japan (even though I was in Osaka…). So this came to my rescue.



Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate! I’ve been using this for about … 1.5 years? Maybe? I can’t remember but I do love it though the effect was not as obvious as it was in Japan. The dry winter in Japan caused my skin to be really crusty dry for about 70% of the day. But because of that, every time I applied this, it gets absorbed immediately and it was super effective! To combat the cold, I applied a layer of my moisturizer after that. Back to my nose. I don’t know what made me think of it, but I decided to drop one drop on my nose and massaged it in. (Usually two to three drops is enough for the whole face.) And I did this for the next two to three nights. Lo and behold, my nose was as good as new. O___O I was so amazed and I swear by this since then.

The second item was this. ダリヤつばきオイル配合のヘア美容液 (Dariya Tsubaki Oil Infused Treatment Serum). Tsubaki or Camellia oil is actually used since the Heian period in Japan and they do smell nice! Dariya Tsubaki Oil infused hair products are a mix of Red and White camelias. 


Back to the serum. The constant cold winds (and not to mention I washed my hair only every other day), my hair was constantly tangled. I was crying from all the tugging and loss of hair. So one day I couldn’t take it and went to one of their pharmacies (they sell more cosmetic stuff than medicine) and contemplated really long before buying this. I was skeptical at first. But after applying it to my towel dried hair I realised, my fingers just went through my hair with ease! Even with a comb I had ZERO problem at all. I am SO amazed and regretted not buying more of their Tsubaki hair range in Japan. But next time I will!



Robert aka Mr. Grassjelly and I had an epic conversation about my colleague called RH. RH creates issues that our client has with our system and assigns to us. And at the rate he is assigning to us, we all got a bit fed up. Last week, Mr. Grassjelly suggested that we should fire RH because he is the source of all issues. And this is the continued conversation …

(Btw. it’s just before lunch)

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Had a drink with salt&vineyard on Friday evening at teadot at Nex. Despite living so close, it was my first time there! I had Lavender and Earl Grey ice tea with fluffy blueberry pancakes while salt&vineyard had Matcha Gravity and we shared a citrus cheesecake.


The drinks are pretty good and sweet enough for me. (haha I have a sweet tooth actually.) I actually had the combination of Earl Grey and Lavender before in Starbucks Japan but that was a latte. Teadot’s blend is actually much more refreshing and has this cool after taste which is perfect for Singapore’s weather. However, my tongue started becoming a bit numb. I wasn’t too sure if it was the drink or because it was too cold.

S&V’s Matcha Gravity actually reminded me of a drink that I had in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. With that, it means that their green tea had a certain standard and quality. After all, Uji is known for their matcha.

The pancakes, we suspect, was from one of those pre-made packets and warmed up when served. But not that it is bad. In fact, the pancakes were really fluffy and yummy! Makes me want to know what brand did they buy. :X Not to mention it smelled amazing too. And a plus to the fact they served a brand of butter that both of us loved. :X

The cake stole the show. It was soft and fluffy and very very refreshing. It was a surprise to me when I first tasted it. I was expecting an “omg cheese!” reaction when I ate it. But it turned out to be not very cheesy at all. It is soft and fluffy and reminded me of those Japanese cheesecake. I think it should have went very well with S&V’s Matcha Gravity.

I think, we found a new place to hang around. 🙂 And also next time, we are going to have the warm drinks so that we can get a polar bear tea art in our cuppa.

this heat


Posting this to commemorate the ridiculous temperature that my dad’s car recorded today.

Come to Singapore they say. Enjoy the summer sun they say. Bwah. Sucks.

aging nicely, aging wisely?

I think among the four of us, I’m probably the most sensitive about aging. Being the youngest in the family and was very much pampered, it took me sometime before I got used to the idea that it is my turn to look after my parents. My job is not a very normal job and the casual dressing sometimes made me forget that I’m almost the age where I shouldn’t be wearing certain things. We haven’t the big three but almost there. Friends around me are getting married, starting families. I have ever considered doing that but since situations have changed and are different, I long forgotten about those goals. Right now, my goal is to age elegantly and wisely.

These three girls know I’m crazy about anti-aging products, drinking collagen drinks, buying anti-aging serums and facial products, diligently putting Q10 mask twice a week etc etc. In fact today I just bought a new serum from Fancl called Beauty Concentrate.


Since my previous Kiehl’s Double Strength Wrinkle Filler is more or less finishing, I thought I’ll try this. Will let you know if it works. :X

Anyway, the injury, since the day the box of heavy books landed at the bone of my foot…, still hurts. -_- My mom thinks it’s a hairline fracture. -_- Ho well. Remember, when you are older, you become more brittle and delicate, AND you heal slower. SO. Please be careful. -_-;;

iPhone Game: Pocket Planes

Here’s the review of Pocket Planes!

As stated earlier, Pocket Planes are by the people from Tiny Tower – Nimble Bit. Like Tiny Tower, the art of Pocket Planes is pixel based and like Tiny Tower, they have the famous BitBook which is the the equivalent of our Facebook among the Bitizens.

Pocket Planes is basically a game where you have to run your own airline. You have to manage your fleet, sending them across the world to pick up passengers or cargo and sending them to their respective cities. Not only running your fleet, you have to manage airports as well! To expand your business you have to buy airports and new fleets and aim to take over the world!


Once in a while you have to advertise your airports to get new businesses for your fleet to earn more cash. As you can see, my recently bought Singapore airport is having a slow start compared to my Cebu airport.

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iPhone Game: Pocket Planes

What is there to do here?

A new game I’ve been obsessing about. haha From the makers of the infamous Tiny Tower, NimbleBit has created a new pixel game called Pocket Planes. As usual they have the adorable Faceboook equivalent called BitBook. I just bought the airport in Singapore and this was the first post about it. *laughs* I ask myself that all the time too. :X

Anyway review and screencaps to come soon! I must arrange flights for passengers and cargo now. One of my planes just arrived in Sapporo.

Hello from cherryking.

Just testing how will this look like. 🙂 And I’ll just add a cute kapibara for fun.

Sheep Kapibara


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