Travel Log: Day 3 (the Edinburgh adventures continues!)

Game meat

Our adventures on continues with a visit to the local farmers’ market, a visit to a rustic village and some really gigantic nans!

But before that we start with breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with salad

You know what I love most of our Edinburgh apartment? The well equiped kitchen! I cooked up a small spread with help from Ochabake to feed our party of four.

However what made Day 3 even more memorable was the fact that it was the day we set of the fire alarm.

Fun fact: Having lived in Melbourne for years, the only time I set off my fire alarm was because i left a rag too close to the fire and catch the flames. Actually smoke was involved in this event.
This time was was because we left thr grill on. Despite having no smoke involved the alarm went off as well. Pretty traumatic for my 3 companions, but no biggie in the end. Except maybe our neighbours hating on us as it was before 9am on a Sunday morning.

Soon we bundled up and headed out to Stockbrigde market.

Stockbridge was a mixed of farm produces, skincare products and accessories, it was smaller than expected, but it you look time to too at every store you will still spend a good hour or 2 there. After Stockbridge we took a walk along the river to get to Dean’s Village. Nothing much to do there then admire the architecture of the old buildings. We bump into a friendly resident who gave us a brief walkabout of the village and some
historical stories behind some buildings.

After a relaxing quiet walk we returned to the hustle and bustle of city life. Dropping by a shop that sells scottish soveneouirs we bought our shortbreads and left for home.

We decided to take a short rest in the apartment before heading out for dinner at the nearby Indian resturant, having read some good reviews in the guestbook of the apartment.

The place is called Guru and the food was great! However one thing to note: When we read that the nan breads were big we did not expect it to be gigantic.

this was the papadams…hand in there for comparison….
wait for it…

The Nan
as you can expect we couldn’t finish it. It became breakfast for the next morning. heh heh

so ends Day 3. stay tune for day 4~


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