Travel Log: Day 2 (Edinburgh)

To the castle!


Day 2 greeted us with more rain unfortunately, and thus from this day onwards my travel companions were treated to various degrees of ninja looks from me as I bundled up in my scraf.

The ninja look
To the castle we went, the gloomy clouds casting the castle in its shadows. Let me tell you this…trying to juggle your DSLR with an umbrella when simultaneous trying to take photo is not fun, not to mention I had make sure my len does not get water droplets as well is not fun. This will not be the first time in this trip I regret not borrowing my bro’s Sony Nex.

Well, as castle goes, I took more photos of the exterior than interior despite the deary weather as the interior were often darker and without a wide angle camera it is often hard to do it justice too. Soon it was lunch time!


Hot food! Saviour on the a cold day. We couldn’t do our afternoon tea as the location was closed for events preparations so we made do with this. Among the spread you would find the more unique Scotch Broth and Haggis. Scotch Broth tasted kind of like vegetable soup, but it had some grain such as barely, which made it rather filling. Haggis was suprisingly alright, didnt taste weird or anything. In the end….We couldn’t finish our food again…(sorry!!)

After we left the castle we went to Camera Obscura, a five storey building of fun with mirrors, lens and lighting. creepy hand reaching for myself
It was fun, and but sometimes it makes you feel a little dizzy. It is very crowded as well, so sometimes it is quite hard to enjoy yourself fully.

After this we looked for the train station to get our rail pass and collect our pre-bought train tickets that we will need for the rest of the journey. After a random walkabout tried to find a place to settle for dinner, the first location was full, but they offered to help us call another restaurant under the same management which was a 10 minutes walk away.

Luckily there were seats and we begin our slow walk to our dinner destination. Italian was on the menu tonight! Learning from our lesson last night we decided to get a pizza and a risotto to share.


Did i mention I love risotto? I love risotto!! and this risotto was served on a bowl made of cheese.

duck risotto Duck risotto!

pizza! I don’t remember what pizza we ordered, but it was good. The crust was was thin and crisp, and the topping was generous.

After dinner we took a bus home in the the cold (again). All in all it was a good day.


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