Fishies In UK 2014 Travel Log: Day 1

It could be summed with 2 sentences: Hours and Hours spent on a plane. Tons and Tons of rain! >_<

The long awaited trip is finally here! The 4 fishies had been planning for this trip for 2 years and the date has finally arrived.


We started early for a red eye out to Doha for our transiting plane to Edinburgh where we start our adventures proper.
To be honest, Qatar was a really good airline, great entertainment, decent food. And the seats in the 777 Dreamliner were pretty comfy, although it lacks a little leg room, alas I am just not someone cut out for long haul flights. 2 hours into the flight I was already going off the rockers (internally that is…don’t want to look like a mad woman on the flight).

Finally! We reached Edinburgh. I must admit for an international airport, it was smaller than expected, and not really international traveller friendly (information desk wasn’t prominent, no sale of sim cards from telco, taxi stand located at another building). We were also greeted by rain and wind :(.

What a start to our holidays (´・_・`). We elected to take a taxi to our apartment as we did not want to navigate the public transport with our luagge and the rain. A relatively quick trip and we arrived at our home away from home for the next 4 days! After a quick briefing from our “landlord” and a quick rest we ventured out into the rain to get our sim card (and 3G!!).


When we started on our trip, we excepted drizzles and windy weather but nothing prepared for tropical weather type rain with winds. >_< Braving the cold (well it is around 12 degress, but for us that came from the tropics it is really cold) we got what we wanted. Unfortunately we couldn’t have any of our dinner choices as they were all crowded due to the rain, we ducked into a pub near our residence.

Second shock of the day: Huge serving sizes. Definitely not meant for 4 medium sized asian girls. And we had our first encounter with the dread peas…yes peas…not to mention mushy peas (like peas mash is suppose to make peas taste better?!).

Cheese and Bacon burger

In the end, we had to ditch most of our chips (so sorry for wasting food!). After dinner we crossed the road for supermarket shopping, and bought some items for breakfast, we headed home after that, still in the rain, shivering.

So ends our first day in UK. More to come..I hope (if I can keep up with the writing).


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