The Face experiment

Before everyone thinks that I am the fish that blogs only about food, I am going to blog about skin care! Recently I had spurt on some skin care products, when all I needed was a new bottle of toner.

Well, I would lie, the fishies aren’t getting any younger so over the years we have been getting into something I call face maintenance. I have bought many products over the years, mostly drug store brands, sometimes from korean based beauty shops, and occasionally from Biotherm. However, despite what the products claim to do, I can never see a difference on myself (I am kinda clueless that way), as long as I don’t get dry patches or have sudden breakouts, I usually will keep the using the product until I feel like changing.


Anyway that was the damage that was done that day (hey at least I got my toner).

Items to note would be:

1. Khiels Herbal extract toner

2. Khiels Midnight recovery eye cream: to repair, and moisture the eye area

3. Burt’s Bee Daisy White Extract serum: to even skin tone

4. Burt’s Bee Naturally Ageless Pomegranate Day Lotion: to eraser wrinkles, and combat aging with antioxidant from pomegranate

So I would be using them daily and I would try to take a photo of my face once a week to see if there is any difference. What I hope most is that the 2 dark patches/pigmentation on my cheeks will lighten up, and overall my skin will look healthier.

It is important to note that I do use a sunblock with spf 50 PA+++ as well in the day. However as Singapore is a sunny location, I don’t always have the chance to reapply my sunblock every few hours with I am outfield for work.

I also use another eye serum that I bought from a local store (skin pharmacy) for eye bags, and eye rings that I use during the day.

As I am very lazy, I kinda forgot to take the photo on the week I start. The photo below was taken mid-week.  (ugly photo of myself below)

face_wk1 Ok…a photo of tired me after a day of work, I will update a photo of me on week 2 later in the week (I am into week 3) I hope with photo evidence of whether the product is effective or not.


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