Okada Coffee in Singapore


Last weekend found the four fishies at Okada Coffee, another Japan exported eatery.

As the name suggest it is a cafe, that offers main meals. However the fishies were there to sample their Hi-Tea set.

The set startes off with scones.
Not the best scones I have eaten (Twinning in Bangkok still tops), however still better than other more expensive establishments we had been before. It came warm and fluffy on the inside, however the outside was a little too hard, causing a mess when we tried to cut it. My biggest complain would be that they did not serve it with cream, just jam, which was a disappointment for this fishies. Overall the buttery taste made it a pleasant start.

The bottom layer of the tiered tray contained sandwich, beef meatball/pork katsu, butter cookie sandwich, coffee muffin and the top layer had Chocolate raspberry cake, some raspberry tart and a matcha cake.

Food wise, I don’t think this place had left an impression. The sandwich was normal, but I never undertook the need to put cream into sandwiches. It was the first thing I ate, so it was probably saved from the fate of being soggy. The meatballs were ok, I am saying this because I am bias as I am not the biggest fan of hamburg meatball, but it wasn’t dry and the sauce was pretty tasty, but not overpowering giving a balanced taste. I did not try the katsu version, as it was for my non-beef eating fishies, perhaps they would like to leave a comment about it.

I loved the cookie though, despite the fact that there as a layer of cream sandwiched between  the 2 pieces. But…it is butter cookie!! What is not to love about butter cookie!! To add on, the cream was pretty lite, and does not feel heavy and there was a sprinkling of walnuts inside adding to the fragrance.

I would say that the coffee muffin was the winner of the bottom layer. I think the sweetness is just right, with the accompanying aroma of coffee. The size was a winning factor as well, too big and it would have been too much. I scraped off most of the cream though spreading a thin layer at each bite (it lasted for 3 bites anyway), it was refreshing, I suppose it was suppose to be like milk coffee?

The Top Tier:

The chocolate raspberry dense cake…thing…was too sweet for my liking. I managed to finish half of it because of the raspberry jam filling it has. The sourish jam cancelled the sweetness, making it bearable for me to eat. once my cake had no more raspberry, I stop eating. It was unfortunate that our dear Fishuui did not have raspberry jam in her cake, which may have been a mistake by the kitchen.

No comments on the raspberry tart thing…it was just that unmemorable (or actually not worth mentioning)

The mini Matcha Cake square was the favourite of the fishies! It was light and fluffy, with the hint of green tea that make a good cake memorable. Could have easily eaten a whole slice. The lack of azuki (red beans) make the cake less dense, and light on the palate.

I would say that the tea is disappointing though. It was really bland, like too much water for one teabag? even though was let the teabag seep in the pot, it never got stronger.

The coffee, which one of us drink, was described as aromatic, but light. Typical of japanese food, I took a sip, it was good, and did not have any linger sour taste, but it was light.

Overall, this place did not impress. Although we may be tempted to come back and try the mains. But I think with a bit of money you can be presuaded to have hi-tea somewhere else.


Okie…stay tune for more Fishies eating adventures!


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