Two things that saved my beauty for Japan’s Winter

As the other three fishes know I had a long trip (actually only three weeks) trip to Japan during their winter. And the cold, dry air did not help with the tropical girl me. The first two days my nose couldn’t stop sneezing and running. In fact I finished about one tissue box within those two days. The consequence of that action was – my nose peeled like crap. It was sore, flakey and I was crying. I mean I was in Japan! Who doesn’t want to look pretty in Japan (even though I was in Osaka…). So this came to my rescue.



Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate! I’ve been using this for about … 1.5 years? Maybe? I can’t remember but I do love it though the effect was not as obvious as it was in Japan. The dry winter in Japan caused my skin to be really crusty dry for about 70% of the day. But because of that, every time I applied this, it gets absorbed immediately and it was super effective! To combat the cold, I applied a layer of my moisturizer after that. Back to my nose. I don’t know what made me think of it, but I decided to drop one drop on my nose and massaged it in. (Usually two to three drops is enough for the whole face.) And I did this for the next two to three nights. Lo and behold, my nose was as good as new. O___O I was so amazed and I swear by this since then.

The second item was this. ダリヤつばきオイル配合のヘア美容液 (Dariya Tsubaki Oil Infused Treatment Serum). Tsubaki or Camellia oil is actually used since the Heian period in Japan and they do smell nice! Dariya Tsubaki Oil infused hair products are a mix of Red and White camelias. 


Back to the serum. The constant cold winds (and not to mention I washed my hair only every other day), my hair was constantly tangled. I was crying from all the tugging and loss of hair. So one day I couldn’t take it and went to one of their pharmacies (they sell more cosmetic stuff than medicine) and contemplated really long before buying this. I was skeptical at first. But after applying it to my towel dried hair I realised, my fingers just went through my hair with ease! Even with a comb I had ZERO problem at all. I am SO amazed and regretted not buying more of their Tsubaki hair range in Japan. But next time I will!



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