Quiet Lunch: Dean & Deluca


Decided to break off from my colleagues for lunch as I need my own quiet moments of peace and tranquility.

Usually when I dine alone, I will prefer to treat myself with more expensive food to satisfy my stomach.  So I went to Dean & Deluca located at the dying yet surviving Orchard Central 4th floor. I ordered a take away since the place looks crowded. But there are empty tables and seats so I decided to ask if I can dine in instead.


Salmon & Spinach Quiche. 8.20 & a cuppa of hot Green Tea Latte. 6.00

I am not a big fan of quiche but this made me a fan. The ingredients are nicely placed where every mouthful of the quiche is filled with smoked salmon and spinach. The crust is nice to my taste. It is not too hard or watery.
Green tea latte is on the milkier side. Purists green tea fans might not like the taste of it. It does reminds me of green tea kitkat after taste. I do love it, however I would ask for less sugar if possible next time. It is not overly sweet like Starbucks, but I ain’t a sweet-tooth person.

Well this sums up my first post here and omg. I am suppose to blog other stuffs here before this. My bad.

Hehe. 😉


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