Had a drink with salt&vineyard on Friday evening at teadot at Nex. Despite living so close, it was my first time there! I had Lavender and Earl Grey ice tea with fluffy blueberry pancakes while salt&vineyard had Matcha Gravity and we shared a citrus cheesecake.


The drinks are pretty good and sweet enough for me. (haha I have a sweet tooth actually.) I actually had the combination of Earl Grey and Lavender before in Starbucks Japan but that was a latte. Teadot’s blend is actually much more refreshing and has this cool after taste which is perfect for Singapore’s weather. However, my tongue started becoming a bit numb. I wasn’t too sure if it was the drink or because it was too cold.

S&V’s Matcha Gravity actually reminded me of a drink that I had in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. With that, it means that their green tea had a certain standard and quality. After all, Uji is known for their matcha.

The pancakes, we suspect, was from one of those pre-made packets and warmed up when served. But not that it is bad. In fact, the pancakes were really fluffy and yummy! Makes me want to know what brand did they buy. :X Not to mention it smelled amazing too. And a plus to the fact they served a brand of butter that both of us loved. :X

The cake stole the show. It was soft and fluffy and very very refreshing. It was a surprise to me when I first tasted it. I was expecting an “omg cheese!” reaction when I ate it. But it turned out to be not very cheesy at all. It is soft and fluffy and reminded me of those Japanese cheesecake. I think it should have went very well with S&V’s Matcha Gravity.

I think, we found a new place to hang around. 🙂 And also next time, we are going to have the warm drinks so that we can get a polar bear tea art in our cuppa.


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2 responses to “teadot

  1. You sound like me! I have such a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to tea!
    I love anything like bubble tea OR thai tea!

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