Lego Outing!


For other readers who are casually strolling by, the 4 fishies here are from Singapore. For this year’s National Day (The singapore equivalent of Independence Day) they are making a lego display of the floating platform where the parade has been held for the past few years and members of the public were encourage to give a nominal donation of $5 and to place a lego figurine of themselve onto the display.

Captain Kerk a fellow friend of the fishies and a Lego enthusiast urged us to join in. So yesterday 6 of us trooped down and got ourselves “seated” as spectators!

there where the generic Lego man that we could choose from. But Capt. Kerk offered some extra piece he had collected over his years of Lego building to allow for some personalisation of the display.

CherryKing being such a Potterhead (as is Ochabake & I) decided to represent herself and Ochabake as Harry & Draco wannabes sharing butterbeer on the stands. While missing member Salt&Vineyard and I being such badasses we are opted for hip-hop rapper and a scout-trooper with Wolverine hair (polka-dot pants as I am such a dork at heart).

We decided to place ourselves in front of a group of chefs who were standing. We decided we should stand as well to “block” their view. Haha!

Overall it was pretty fun to see other people’s lego creations.


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