German food in Singapore


Dinner with my fellow dried fishes at the German restaurant Brotzeit! The platter (bottom frame) consist of a schiztel, crispy pork kunckle, and assorted sasuages. Included in this set were 2 side which we choose Spicy potatoes wedges and sauteed vegetables (top left frame), in the frame was also Morzellra salad.

Overall we left the food was ok. But the meats were kinda dry. The salad was fresh, with crunchy lettcues and a light sauce.

Another feature is their range of beers avaliable. Cherryking and Ochabake ordered the beer mixers which is beer with either Mango or Banana juice.

Rather interesting. But I felt the banana one had a sweet after taste compared to the mango one which was more bitter more like beer.

Overall it was a pretty good experience, however as I havent had german food before it is rather hard to make a good judge.

What do my other fishies say?


One response to “German food in Singapore

  1. It was okay haha meats a bit too dry. The beer is good! I liked my mango beer. But sadly, I thought the wedges was the best -_- Maybe german food is not to my liking? Oh I loved the cheese sausage though!

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