aging nicely, aging wisely?

I think among the four of us, I’m probably the most sensitive about aging. Being the youngest in the family and was very much pampered, it took me sometime before I got used to the idea that it is my turn to look after my parents. My job is not a very normal job and the casual dressing sometimes made me forget that I’m almost the age where I shouldn’t be wearing certain things. We haven’t the big three but almost there. Friends around me are getting married, starting families. I have ever considered doing that but since situations have changed and are different, I long forgotten about those goals. Right now, my goal is to age elegantly and wisely.

These three girls know I’m crazy about anti-aging products, drinking collagen drinks, buying anti-aging serums and facial products, diligently putting Q10 mask twice a week etc etc. In fact today I just bought a new serum from Fancl called Beauty Concentrate.


Since my previous Kiehl’s Double Strength Wrinkle Filler is more or less finishing, I thought I’ll try this. Will let you know if it works. :X

Anyway, the injury, since the day the box of heavy books landed at the bone of my foot…, still hurts. -_- My mom thinks it’s a hairline fracture. -_- Ho well. Remember, when you are older, you become more brittle and delicate, AND you heal slower. SO. Please be careful. -_-;;


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2 responses to “aging nicely, aging wisely?

  1. kouchabake

    this reminded me of the time where I kicked the foot of my bed, and one of my toe was swollen and in pain for almost 2 weeks and it was tender for sometime before it went back to normal slowly…saaa

    I think among the 4 of us there, I am the other one that has to be in office wear, although my office is considered causal already.

    Do you really need wrinkle filler?

    • hahaha yes I do! my forehead was actually quite bad. but not THAT bad. that’s why I decided to try something else first until I really needed it. but it was good yo.

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