iPhone Game: Pocket Planes

What is there to do here?

A new game I’ve been obsessing about. haha From the makers of the infamous Tiny Tower, NimbleBit has created a new pixel game called Pocket Planes. As usual they have the adorable Faceboook equivalent called BitBook. I just bought the airport in Singapore and this was the first post about it. *laughs* I ask myself that all the time too. :X

Anyway review and screencaps to come soon! I must arrange flights for passengers and cargo now. One of my planes just arrived in Sapporo.


About cherryking

Neither a cherry nor a king but still escaping.

2 responses to “iPhone Game: Pocket Planes

  1. kouchabake

    This bitbook is really cute! So do they share the same bitbook with tiny towers?

  2. Nope sadly they don’t. If not I might get a lot of “missing player!”

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