iPhone Game: Pocket Planes

Here’s the review of Pocket Planes!

As stated earlier, Pocket Planes are by the people from Tiny Tower – Nimble Bit. Like Tiny Tower, the art of Pocket Planes is pixel based and like Tiny Tower, they have the famous BitBook which is the the equivalent of our Facebook among the Bitizens.

Pocket Planes is basically a game where you have to run your own airline. You have to manage your fleet, sending them across the world to pick up passengers or cargo and sending them to their respective cities. Not only running your fleet, you have to manage airports as well! To expand your business you have to buy airports and new fleets and aim to take over the world!


Once in a while you have to advertise your airports to get new businesses for your fleet to earn more cash. As you can see, my recently bought Singapore airport is having a slow start compared to my Cebu airport.


Various screen to manage your fleet.


And… you can even customise your planes by renaming them, giving them a brand new paint job and dressing up your pilot.


Other than managing your fleet, you can check your airline stats, logs of how far your planes have flew and how much they have earned, buying new parts or planes from the market and of course, compare your score with your friends in the Game Center.


The BitBook is always the best part because these Bitizens are just so silly. And oh, the Retweet button? Really does work!

All in all, Pocket Planes is really good. It’s a new style Time Management game that is different from Tiny Tower but at the same time, addictive. But it is time consuming because in the beginning, most of the flights are short due to the distance. But the more you expand, the longer your fleet has to fly, the more you earn, the less time you need to attend to it. 🙂


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