Lego Outing!


For other readers who are casually strolling by, the 4 fishies here are from Singapore. For this year’s National Day (The singapore equivalent of Independence Day) they are making a lego display of the floating platform where the parade has been held for the past few years and members of the public were encourage to give a nominal donation of $5 and to place a lego figurine of themselve onto the display.

Captain Kerk a fellow friend of the fishies and a Lego enthusiast urged us to join in. So yesterday 6 of us trooped down and got ourselves “seated” as spectators!

there where the generic Lego man that we could choose from. But Capt. Kerk offered some extra piece he had collected over his years of Lego building to allow for some personalisation of the display.

CherryKing being such a Potterhead (as is Ochabake & I) decided to represent herself and Ochabake as Harry & Draco wannabes sharing butterbeer on the stands. While missing member Salt&Vineyard and I being such badasses we are opted for hip-hop rapper and a scout-trooper with Wolverine hair (polka-dot pants as I am such a dork at heart).

We decided to place ourselves in front of a group of chefs who were standing. We decided we should stand as well to “block” their view. Haha!

Overall it was pretty fun to see other people’s lego creations.


this heat


Posting this to commemorate the ridiculous temperature that my dad’s car recorded today.

Come to Singapore they say. Enjoy the summer sun they say. Bwah. Sucks.

German food in Singapore


Dinner with my fellow dried fishes at the German restaurant Brotzeit! The platter (bottom frame) consist of a schiztel, crispy pork kunckle, and assorted sasuages. Included in this set were 2 side which we choose Spicy potatoes wedges and sauteed vegetables (top left frame), in the frame was also Morzellra salad.

Overall we left the food was ok. But the meats were kinda dry. The salad was fresh, with crunchy lettcues and a light sauce.

Another feature is their range of beers avaliable. Cherryking and Ochabake ordered the beer mixers which is beer with either Mango or Banana juice.

Rather interesting. But I felt the banana one had a sweet after taste compared to the mango one which was more bitter more like beer.

Overall it was a pretty good experience, however as I havent had german food before it is rather hard to make a good judge.

What do my other fishies say?

Scientists find turtles fossilised while mating

Scientists find turtles fossilised while mating

my colleagues and I were very amuse by the article. The headline was pretty funny, and the description on how the turtles died was just….hilarious.

Giraffe on the loose!

taken at the Mothercare at the hospital…


aging nicely, aging wisely?

I think among the four of us, I’m probably the most sensitive about aging. Being the youngest in the family and was very much pampered, it took me sometime before I got used to the idea that it is my turn to look after my parents. My job is not a very normal job and the casual dressing sometimes made me forget that I’m almost the age where I shouldn’t be wearing certain things. We haven’t the big three but almost there. Friends around me are getting married, starting families. I have ever considered doing that but since situations have changed and are different, I long forgotten about those goals. Right now, my goal is to age elegantly and wisely.

These three girls know I’m crazy about anti-aging products, drinking collagen drinks, buying anti-aging serums and facial products, diligently putting Q10 mask twice a week etc etc. In fact today I just bought a new serum from Fancl called Beauty Concentrate.


Since my previous Kiehl’s Double Strength Wrinkle Filler is more or less finishing, I thought I’ll try this. Will let you know if it works. :X

Anyway, the injury, since the day the box of heavy books landed at the bone of my foot…, still hurts. -_- My mom thinks it’s a hairline fracture. -_- Ho well. Remember, when you are older, you become more brittle and delicate, AND you heal slower. SO. Please be careful. -_-;;

This looks yummy! If only we can find figs in singapore that are not too expensive

iPhone Game: Pocket Planes

Here’s the review of Pocket Planes!

As stated earlier, Pocket Planes are by the people from Tiny Tower – Nimble Bit. Like Tiny Tower, the art of Pocket Planes is pixel based and like Tiny Tower, they have the famous BitBook which is the the equivalent of our Facebook among the Bitizens.

Pocket Planes is basically a game where you have to run your own airline. You have to manage your fleet, sending them across the world to pick up passengers or cargo and sending them to their respective cities. Not only running your fleet, you have to manage airports as well! To expand your business you have to buy airports and new fleets and aim to take over the world!


Once in a while you have to advertise your airports to get new businesses for your fleet to earn more cash. As you can see, my recently bought Singapore airport is having a slow start compared to my Cebu airport.

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Silky Soya Pudding

Like soya bean curd without the calcium taste…this new pudding from Mr Bean is pretty good ♪( ´▽`)


iPhone Game: Pocket Planes

What is there to do here?

A new game I’ve been obsessing about. haha From the makers of the infamous Tiny Tower, NimbleBit has created a new pixel game called Pocket Planes. As usual they have the adorable Faceboook equivalent called BitBook. I just bought the airport in Singapore and this was the first post about it. *laughs* I ask myself that all the time too. :X

Anyway review and screencaps to come soon! I must arrange flights for passengers and cargo now. One of my planes just arrived in Sapporo.


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