Travel Log: Day 3 (the Edinburgh adventures continues!)

Game meat

Our adventures on continues with a visit to the local farmers’ market, a visit to a rustic village and some really gigantic nans!

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Travel Log: Day 2 (Edinburgh)

To the castle!


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Fishies In UK 2014 Travel Log: Day 1

It could be summed with 2 sentences: Hours and Hours spent on a plane. Tons and Tons of rain! >_<

The long awaited trip is finally here! The 4 fishies had been planning for this trip for 2 years and the date has finally arrived.


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Coffee Appreciate Workshop: Adventures of Singles only Event

Last week I had an opportunity to go for a singles mixer event. The event was organised specifically for singles working in the government/statutory board/reformed hospital setting, which really limited who I could ask along for it, so I went with a colleague (who was in a stable relationship, but still single in the eyes of the law).

Anyway, I was only interested in this event because it was a coffee appreciation course, where they were suppose to give us a brief history of coffee, what is considered a good coffee and different ways of brewing your own cuppa. And the only reason why the above mentioned colleague agreed to join me was because she has a love for coffee.

To our disappointment, there were designated sitting and we were seperated by one table, so we had to communicate with our eyes and hands.

Each table had 2 males and 2 females. At my table I had a fellow colleague from the same hospital, one guy from Defence Science and Technology Agency (hence forth known as IT guy) and a guy working for Ministry of Defense (hence forth known as Mindef guy). So the aim of the program is to make some friends of the opposite gender, so we tried to strike up a conservation.

I would say it wasn’t very successful, because we all just ended up talking about our jobs, and explaining what we do then actual interaction.

General observation:

Mindef guy was like the anxious type of guy. A little flustered, doesn’t really know how to act around women. He kept trying to get us to talk, but doesn’t volunteer much information about himself.

IT guy was a quite nice? Helps everyone pour water, tries to steer the conservation.

Half way through the event, the guys were asked to swap seats, so we had 2 new gentlemen at our table. Surprise surprise, we all work at the same hospital this time. Which was when we started speculating that this event was actually opening to our hospital staff, because we realise all the ladies attending this event were working in the same hospital, and thanks to the lack of male staff in our hospital, they opening up the event to the the ministry of defence since they had a higher percentage of men in their staff.

I think partly because we were all warmed up to the event already or maybe because we all come from the same workplace, although we still ended up talking about our jobs, it felt more relaxed.  One guy worked as in optometry and the other was a paediatrician. Optometry guy was pretty chatty, and apparently he came with another male colleague. and like me he was separated as well. His colleague was from the pharmacy, and those were the only 3 guys from our hospital, in a group of 20 (10 men and 10 women).  The doctor was pretty reserved, but friendly.

Overall nothing much happened. I was glad it was a workshop, so most of the time we were occupied learning about coffee (you have no idea how much coffee is need to run a hospital), then concentrating on make meaningful connections with each other. Although at the end of the session there was a “mandatory” exchanging of information, where I left everyone my email address as opposed to my handphone number and until now there had been no emails (no surprises here).

All in all it was an enjoyable experience, but not one that I would like to repeat, unless it is another workshop I have interest in (tea appreciation perhaps?).

At the end of the session my colleague said, “You know it is really difficult to check my mobile during the session because of my background (it was a photo of her bf and her)”.


Daily Observation of the slighty creepy variety…

At my job, I move around a lot and meet a lot of children. And I noticed a general trend of boys having thicker and longer eyelashes. It led me into observing other men i see on trains and buses in my daily commune, where I realise men generally have thicker, longer eyelashes compared to women!!


Which makes me wonder, how in the wild it is the male animals/birds/fishes that have the flashy colouring to attract the females, is that the case of the eyelashes?

Mad For Garlic: A food review


Greetings! i have return with one of our typical posting…Food review time.

This time the Fishies had ventured to the Mad For Garlic, a place that specialises in pizza, pasta with a heavy hand in garlic.

As we only had 4 people we were most conservative in our order to prevent ourselves from over-ordering.

We started with a cesar salad. The veggies were crunchy, the sauce was slighty lighter than the typical sauce I was used to, but it was good paired off with freshy grated cheese. Crutons were not oily, looks like it was toasted with oil and not deep fried. Bacon came in chunks which was good as well.

Next up was Dracula Killer (photo on the lower right corner). It was a miss for us, although it was recommended on other sides. According to the menu it was garlic cooked in olive oil and anchovies served with soft baugette. Regrettably, we did not like this. We felt that stewed garlic was soft but did not go well with the bread. In fact everyone prefered the bread more and we ended up just dipping it in the garlic infused oliver oil. We also had a question: Where are the anchovies?
The anchovies were not served together in with the garlic, olive oil mix which I felt was disappointment as well as cheating my money.

We order 1 pizza initially, however as it was a thin crust pizza we came to realise we needed another one for us to be properly filled. The 2 were Four Cheese and  Sausage & Ham . Pizza wise, I would say it was pretty decent.

Initial reaction of Four Cheese was of shock for us, because it had the strong smell of blue cheese. However I thought the creamy garlic sauce made the pizza even heavier, considering it was already a four cheese pizza. But as it was shared among 4 adults, it was still pretty acceptable.

Sausage and Ham were well liked by the rest, but not me probably because it had a sweet, teriyaki/bbq type sauce as it base. As previously mention, I am never fan of sweet in my savoury food. But I do like the black pepper bits of the pizza, although I got choked by it a couple of times.

So overall it was a satisfying meal. But it wouldn’t be a place I will go out of my way to eat.

Having said that we got a $10 return voucher for paying with a DBS credit card, so we would be going back to sample some stuff.

The New Flickr. Love or Hate?

Just a random rambling of me and the new flickr layout after hearing friends complaining about it.

Basically, I love the new layout. But a lot of friends dissing it. And I don’t understand why. I have been figuring why they dislike it and I realised something. Maybe I am a visual person. Pictures, photos works for me for layout of the site. I hate words splashing all over the page and have no idea what to click on. That’s the old flickr. Old flickr, to me was a nuisance. It was just tat boring and well benefits is, more stable. and more like a page to page textbook showcasing your works on a photo community website.  On the other hand, the new flickr is like a portfolio showcase, it’s intriguing, it shows how photographers, hobbist photos are in just one look! One bad point is, this layout is a rather buggy somehow. But I am happy to see visuals, ignoring words unless I feel the need to click in and see what is the person trying to convey through the photo. An artwork to me does not require any words for explanation. It just being expressive in itself to draw attention to the viewer to feel free at what story you are trying to tell from the picture.

Most people get used to words too much. A reliant to it. Without them, they feel empty. Lost. They do not feel connected when there is a loss of words to aid them to understand thus frustrated. I don’t know. But I think that is the way some people are. But for me, I will skip a lot of words. So words to me are practically just some alphabets that make up into words and form a speech to tell me more about what people want me to know from the visual. Unless I am interested in knowing more, I will read. Else, nope.  Words are important in our lives but not do not get overly dependent on it especially on works that just requires a picture to tell a story.

But writing my thoughts out require words and not visuals. Of course I can create a comic or storyboard out of it, but it is much more of  hassle to bring across it, writing is much more easier for this case. Oh well conflicting point, but who cares. In conclusion, haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love it. I am loving it and I feel much more ease in organising than previously. Flickr, well done and keep it up! And yay for so much free space. 🙂


Sanji Kagoshima Ramen 面家三士

Food, food, food!
another food review from the Tea-Flavoured Fish! Last saturday was a eating day for the us, the LandLady Fish and me. After the long-finned fish and Fishuui left us, we meet up with our October Cousin, Songster and Captain Kerk for ramen at a ramen-ya nearby.

Menya Sanji is fairly new establishment located on the first floor of Orchid Hotel, round the corner of Tonkotsu-Ou a popular ramen place that attracts a queue every dinner time. Having eaten at Tonkotsu Ou before we decided to give Sanji a try. The soup is all pork bone based and alllows variations by putting behind seasoning.

Being the safe one, I had the orginal tonkotsu shouyu ramen with added Seaweed topping:


Songster tried the original spicy:


Captain Kerk had the special Black sesame Soup:


and the LandLady-Fish had the Gyokai Ramen (tonkotsu soup mixed with bonito stock):


When the noodles were served we went around tasting everyone else’s soup. The original soup was flavourful but not oily or too salty. As ramen is something that is very full-bodied/heavy I usually find the ones that I have ate, it too salty for me, so either they have scaled it to suit the Singaporean taste-buds or they are the “lighter ramen”. The soup was fragrance, and did not have the pork-ish over taste that some pork-based soup has, so it was soupy (as opposed to some ramen soup that is more gravy like), but not watered down.

The Spicy version, was nice, however it was not spicy at all. However you have to consider the fact that we are Singaporean and chili is a common spice in South East Asia and most of us a a higher tolerance to spicy food. Despite that the chili oil and spice added a hint of spiciness, with a little more flavour that the original soup did not have.

I had mixed feelings regarding the Sesame Soup. On one hand it had the same pork bone soup-base, on the other hand instead of using shouyu (soya sauce) they added black sesame to it. It reminded me of Black Sesame Paste (芝麻糊), a popular dessert that has grounded black sesame cooked into a paste. As much as the soup was nice it reminded me of the dessert too much, and I don’t like mixing my mains and my desserts.

The Gyokai ramen was pretty good. I have taste the very strong bonito flavour in the soup. It doesn’t clash with the pork based soup. However as I am not a very big fan of fish, I don’t think I will order this.

LandLady Fish and I personally think that the noodles is a winner here. It is springy, and goes down well with the soup. Unlike some noodles like would expend and start to disintegrate into the soup causing the soup to be starchy, this noodle  did not, making this an enjoyable eating experience.

However the char-siew (sliced pork pieces) were kind disappointing. They were tough and lacked flavour, so it probably was not braised long enough. However as I usually think the soup and noodles are more important aspects of ramen, it did not marr the experience too much.

So overall we had a good meal, although the location was rather cramp and we were seated under a spotlight making it extra hot. So if you are tired of queuing for Tonkotsu-Ou do drop by Sanji, you will not be disappointed.


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